M&P Curtet is a husband and wife photography and director team based in Los Angeles and Paris. Marlyne and Patrick Curtet work in a symbiotic relationship and their combined talents add a unique depth and quality to their images. Their photographic skills and the emotive resonance of their partnership makes them storytellers with a cinematic vision...
And they always relish the challenge of creating a unique and compelling vision for their client’s products.

Patrick Curtet has been shooting professionally for over 20 years and after concentrating on sports and reportage photography, where he traveled to more than 60 differents countries, he shifted his attention to automotive work. He is really keen on proper technique and has an expertise in controlling the lighting, effects and/or other elements in order to control the scene. But he works to have these elements hidden and out of sight...as if they’re not even there.

Marlyne Curtet graduated from Peninghen Art School in Paris and has been studying art and graphic design for 5 years. She has her own graphic studio DWAIN and was an Art Director. Her graphic vision has played a part in elevating the photographic work to where it is today. As the second photographer, when we shoot lifestyle and automotive together, she also operates as our creative coordinator. She ensures the styling, wardrobe, set design … every imaginable element of the scene ... remains in line with our creative vision.
Having a second photographer on set gives us the flexibility to capture multiple angles — something a single shooter simply cannot accomplish on their own.

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